Santa Claus in Kansas City

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Santa Visit Tips

1. Have the camera ready
Do you have fresh batteries? Is everything charged up? If it is a large group, perhaps have someone else take photos. You see so many photos with Mom or Dad but not both because one is usually taking the picture.

2. Have a place for Santa to park his sleigh
If it’s a home visit try to leave a space at the end of the driveway. If it is a visit to another facility try to make arrangements for Santa to park in a valet or loading area. He is also very popular and may get stopped on his way if he has to walk very far. He wants to be on time but Santa can’t just ignore a child that might come up to him on the way.

3. Have your gifts ready
If you want Santa to hand out candy canes, it is best that you provide them or make arrangements ahead of time. If you have gifts, they should be well labeled with names written clearly directly on the gift. Avoid labels or stick on bows (they may fall off). All gifts should fit in one 35 gallon trash bag that can be placed directly into Santa’s bag. If you have more gifts have an honorary elf (adult) that can help bring them in. For large groups perhaps have the same gift for all the boys and one for all the girls. (Children sometimes prefer what the other child received). Santa shouldn’t show favoritism by giving someone else something “bigger” or “better”. Another idea is to have each child bring a small gift put in Santa’s bag to give other needy children.

4. A place for Santa (and Mrs. Claus) to sit
Folding chairs, plastic chairs and low, sink-into chairs are not good. It needs to be sturdy and stable. A good quality straight-back dining chair works well. Santa should be comfortable and able to support a child on each knee for multiple children or family photos.

5. Placing the chair
Near the tree or in front of a decorated wall will make your photos more enjoyable. Have enough room for folks to gather around and behind the chair.

6. What all do you want Santa to do
Make arrangements with Santa before hand on what you have in mind. Do you want him to read a story, pass out candy canes or gifts? Will there be a problem with bringing up the religious aspects of Christmas? Tell Santa of any special needs. Think of the others waiting for a visit from Santa.

7. Think of the time
Santa only has so much time. He wants to see, talk with and have pictures taken with everyone. Your visit may not be the only one he has that day. Santa will call a few minutes before arriving to give you time to gather everyone together. If a large group of children are present, have an adult assigned to help coordinate and control. Remember, Santa has to have time to see everyone.

8. Photos with everyone
That teenager doesn’t have to sit on Santa’s knee. He or she can stand with him for that “buddy” photo. Decide on picture ideas before hand to save time.

9. If there is going to be payment
It never looks appropriate when someone gives Santa cash. Payment can be placed in a envelope or card and given to Santa as he leaves .

10. Relax and have a wonderful time  


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